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Notable Quotables from SOLD!

I was chained but I was never a slave, I was sold.

Mary Dove


A woman's strength is in her mind and heart, which is stronger than a man's.

Valide (1682)

Never see so well that you are blind, and when you find that it is so, close your eyes so that you may regain your path.

Utchowig of the Susquehannock Indians (around 1657)

I done tol 'im dat dem purty webs at dawn ain't so purty in de day!  No! Dey's sticky! Dats what dey is! A big sticky mess dat jes falls apart! Only dey got a big ol' spider settin' right in de middle!... Ain't I always said de purttier de spider, de meaner de bite?"

Fanny (1683)

Ain't no woman, hateful or not, want no uder woma... ta make hersef da queen o' her man!

Hattie (1684)

It is the way of life that we live only to die.

Abraham Birckhead (1685)

Ya choosin' ta be lonely 'stead o' 'lone!  Why, I wish eber day ta gets some 'lone time!

Hattie (1685)

You may order me. You may beat me. You can take from me, starve me, or do as you wish to me. But you cannot command me in this.  Ultimately it is my own will by whatever means that I choose to act or not.

Mary Dove (1687)

I never knew true happiness until I learned how wonderful it is to be married to someone whom you cherish and cherishes you in return.

Rebecca Birckhead (1710)

De onliest ting born o' evil, is evil!

Daisy (1710)

(Flowers) that smell like sunshine and new beginnings.  The kind that grow even where tings aren't so purty but scent up the air like they's God, reminding us he's dere.  Like a promise through the ugly and pain tellin' us dat everything is gonna be all right.

Lil Ma (1710)

I just need my ma and all she knows to save my heart because she still loves me, even in spite of what I've done.

John (1710)

Know the serpent and his ability to strike before you try to ferret it out.

Abraham Birckhead, Jr (1717)

You are better and stronger than you will ever aspire to be. Do not show fear. Be strong with yourself. Make noble decisions and stand up to challenges with courage.

Mary Dove (1717)


Always welcome good thoughts, for they are what keep you free.

Mary Dove (1717)

Help each other.

Mary Dove (1717)

Who are 'they' that would speak of something 'they' have no knowledge?

Eleazer Birckhead (1724)

I will miss him only as I have missed a festering wound cut across my flesh!

Young Mary Dove (1744)

No man touches me unless I say so ever again!

Young Mary Dove (1747)

I would dance upon his grave this very day, but that I've no desire to give him the worth of dirtying my feet!

Young Mary Dove (1748)


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