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   When Wajeeha Narayan was taken from the harem in the palace of Koch Behar India to be sold as a slave, she knew she had to do what she must to survive. Reinventing herself as Queen, a tough sea-loving pirate, she mastered the whip, sparking fear in her enemies, until tragedy struck.

   Found washed ashore by Father Samuel Fritz, Queen joined him in his work to save the  souls of the tribes found along the Amazon river. When he becomes ill, Queen is caught in a  dangerous web of intrigue and must appeal to the kings of Portugal and Spain to save him.

   Years later, to right the wrongs of her past, she parts with Father Samuel only to end up back  on the high seas and then in England and the court of Queen Anne.

   Unhappy in England, Queen traveled to the American colonies where she lived and worked   at the Catholic missions in Maryland.

As a free woman of color in a world of slavery, she remained a bastion of strength, instilling  her hard won courage and wisdom in her children. When they are brutalized and their freedom is claimed by Father Ashton and the Catholic church, will they find the strength to fight and proclaim the legacy of freedom left to them by their mother?

   Here then, is an opportunity to expand the scope of awareness to our history and culture. Not as a tale of slavery, but as a culture built from diverse ideas and religions that struggled to accept the humanity of being different. It offers a truth to the development of the many tendrils of racism, sexism, and religious intolerance.

   It is not intended to pass judgement or to condemn either the individuals or organizations mentioned. It can, however, demonstrate how victimization affects others and has shaped our culture into the image of today


The Power of You

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Meet Cynthia

Author, Genealogist, Motivational Speaker

    I have learned that who we are is determined by our faith, our family and our own sense of self. Armed with those, if we navigate our lives with understanding and forgiveness we can become bigger and stronger than we ever realized, to become who we were truly meant to be.

     I relate the journeys of some really incredible people who find themselves in the most horrible and miserable of circumstances. Cruelly being bumped and tossed about in lives where their choices are few, they draw upon the one thing which could not be taken away from them, the strength of hope and the power of faith, and rise not only to survive, but to thrive.

    Passing on their messages, I hope others are inspired to look at themselves and see the powerful person within.

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