This historical novel chronicals the life of Mary Dove, or Malaga Moll as she is known amongst historians, who has been a subject of folklore and mystery for over 300 years! 


Fully researched and documented, SOLD! takes you from the harem of the royal palace of Koch Behar, India in the year 1682, through an incredible journey of a woman who is forced to transform from royalty to slave.  Then in an epic twist of fate where the Royal Narayan family must erase a blood stain to preserve their kingdom, they come to the aid of their long lost family member and to the courtrooms of Craven County, North Carolina. 


This true story documents the incredible lives of three generations and their journey through slavery from a yet unexplored perspective.  SOLD! shows how a deep and enduring love can be found in unexpected places, the violence of jealousy and slavery, the pain of human possession, and the depth of faith and compassion. 


It reveals the unique turmoil of a proud woman who is sold, but through dignity, strength, and the conviction of her beliefs is never truly a slave and how she taught her son and granddaughter the spirit of faith, the strength of hope and belief in the invincible bonds that tie a family together.


The Power of You

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Meet Cynthia

Author, Motivational Speaker

       I have learned that who we are is determined by our faith, our family and our own sense of self. Armed with those, if we navigate our lives with understanding and forgiveness we can become bigger and stronger than we ever realized, to become who we were truly meant to be.

       I relate the journeys of some really incredible people who find themselves in the most horrible and miserable of circumstances. Cruelly being bumped and tossed about in lives where their choices are few, they draw upon the one thing which could not be taken away from them, the strength of hope and the power of faith, and rise not only to survive, but to thrive.

       Passing on their messages, I hope others are inspired to look at themselves and see the powerful person within.